Richard Rock

About the Artist

Born and raised in the Minneapolis area, I earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in education from the University of Minnesota and originally taught middle school science. In 1988, I began five years of atelier training, later followed by two more of landscape classes. This training, along with eleven seasons as an historical interpreter with the Minnesota Historical Society and the National Park Service, helped prepare me to paint a variety of historical subject matter.

Artistís Statement

Drawn to historical subjects, I enjoy showcasing them in pleasing compositions that will evoke an emotion and sometimes inform the viewer. I like to poke about in the dusty, obscure corners of history and shine a light on objects, processes or ideas that have long been forgotten and which deserve a second look. Painting from life when possible lends the appearance of nature, while painting from the imagination, when necessary, allows me to transcend both time and place. The undiscovered country of the past intrigues and inspires me, but wherever my artistic journey leads, history is my constant traveling companion.

Art Education

1998-2002 Hurinenko and Paquet Studio, St. Paul MN
1993-94 The Bougie Studio, Minneapolis, MN
1988-93 Atelier LeSueur, Excelsior, MN

Solo Exhibitions

2011 Coldwater Creek, Picturing History II, Maple Grove, MN
2011 Red Wing Art Assn, Picturing History II, Red Wing, MN
2010 Northfield Arts Guild, Picturing History II, Northfield, MN

2008 Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Picturing History: Paintings and Studies of Art, Artifacts and Architecture from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts

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